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Ghana Hungary Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Board of Directors

Laszlo But




Sector Specialties:- Import/Export, Property Development, Gambling & Casino Activities and Human Resources.

Brief Introduction:- Mr But is vastly experienced in a wide range of business domains, including his current role as a commercial property executive. With over 24 years of experience in business, his proven techniques and tactics speak for themselves. He is the Founder and President of the Chamber with the objective of assisting other businesses and guiding them towards expansion into the International Market.


Email:- laszlo.but@hunchamghana.org



Richard Safo




Sector Specialties:- Transportation and Freight, International Relations, Tourism and Ghanaian Business Advisory.


Brief Introduction:- Mr Safo excels, both as a business man and a family man, as a proud father of four. He has over 20 years of business experience in a wide spectrum of businesses. He is a Ghanaian national and has a thorough understanding of doing business in West Africa.


Email:- richard.safo@hunchamghana.org





Sector Specialties:- Social Politics, Professional Education, Human Resource Management, Quality Control Assurance & Quality Certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP systems (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and Business Establishment Training.


Brief Introduction:- Ms Petho has over 15 years of experience in Quality Control and Certification throughout Europe and is University Qualified in how to develop, restructure and expand your business. Human Resource Management is a key area of expertise in your business' expansion and development, so Ms Petho's knowledge will prove invaluable. As a certified Instructor, establishing and progressing your business as both a Non-Profit Organisation and Limited Company; you can be assisted every step of the way. Training in fields of Construction, Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Educational Centres and Safeguarding and Quality Assurance; ranging through an extensive range of business fields from Nuclear Research to Manufacturing Lines.


Email:- zsuzsanna.petho@hunchamghana.org






Sector Specialties:- Human Resources, Linguistics and Translation Services, Educational Consultant, IT, Web developer.
Brief Introduction:- Thanks to the senior year that Mr Pasztor spent in the United States and graduation diploma that he received, and due to the work and travel experiences accumulated also in the United States, Lehel became very familiar with various types of jobs and all these experiences allowed him to become self employed, running his own companies, which helps students to apply for their further education in the United States and Europe.


Email:- lehel.pasztor@hunchamghana.org





Sector Specialities:- Merchandising, Statistical Product Analysis, IT, Linguistics and Translation Services, Educational Consultant.


Brief Introduction:- Working in the IT sector of a major firm in U.K. , plus extensive experience in Catering and Hospitality, has allowed Mr Marcus to gain expertise of business and retail methodologies. Knowledge of the Further Education sector in U.K. and Europe will ensure the best advice for, and organisation of, study by International Students in suitable environments to improve their future careers and opportunities.


Email:- david.marcus@hunchamghana.org




Sector Specialties:-


Brief Introduction:-


Email:- dr.am.haroun@hunchamghana.org